Mother is such a powerful human being conquering her world with her weapon of Love & Affection. The role Mother is not restricted to human beings alone. It applies to all creatures in this world. Without Mother there is no start of living.

“Annaiyum Pithvum Munneri Theivam” & “Thayai sirandha kovilum illai” are famous Tamil quotes placing Mother in the lead role in everybody’s life. And currently a simple verse seen throughout all departmental stores ” Mothers milk is Best for Babies”. What is required more?

And only woman can play the role of mother and none other. So is this website for only Women and Women. From ancient period, women has coined herself in social, religious, political, educational activities to the best throughout the world. And today women plays a better and reponsible position than ancient periods and are competing in public life, diplomacy, religion, arts, medicine equally to men and remains unconquerable in erecting a good family.

So first of all I dedicate this website, Moms Times to my beloved Mother and all Mothers in this beautiful world.

I have carved this website as a Consort for women promoting Awareness, Education and Inspiration to all the women over the world. It aims at Empowering women skills and aids their routine lifestyle in all their roles & activities. It flies with four wings on matters of Kids, Wealth, Health, Devotion and many of Kitchen activities including Authentic Indian Recipe section.

I have offered with the Humble wish that it might be a practical & resourceful guide to specially homemakers – the efficient housewives in making your Home fit for body, mind and spirit by providing stuff to each of the family members and dwell free from hatred, affliction, avarice and live an ever peaceful life in your daily routine life.

So please ponder over the information rendered by this site; and put into practice. Your feedback is valuable. You can also send your own articles which will be reviewed and published in the magazine.


Hamsamalini Chandrasekaran


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