Health Benefits of Lotus

The lotus plant is an aquatic perennial plant. Botanically referred as Nymphaea Lotus, Nymphaea Nouchali is a member of the water lily family. It symbolizes beauty and sensuality. Despite lotus being a religious symbol for ages representing eternity, purity and divinity, this plant is known to provide various medicinal and health benefits.


Health Benefits


Most parts of the lotus plant are edible. This includes the leaves, flowers, seeds and roots, all of which have been eaten in several parts of Southeast Asia for hundreds of years. Different cultures throughout the world cook and prepare Lotus plant in many different ways. The lotus plant is used in stir-fry dishes, steamed buns, desserts and various other preparations. People are now becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of different parts of the lotus plant.

Benefits of the Lotus Plant

  1. The Lotus root are rich in Vitamin C, Potassium and Dietary fiber.
  2. Lotus flowers contain linoleic acid, protein, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B and C.
    More Health benefits of lotus….

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