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Time to laugh

Fresh Milk Elvis: What is the best way to keep milk fromturning bad?Syed: Keep it in cow. Singing Mrs. Cho: Everytime I sing, you will go out of the house and stand along the corridor. Why?Mr. Cho: I don’t want our neighbourhoods to think that I am…

Meanings of famous Brand names

The brands name is often reveals the brands intentions. It is some fascinating tag line with a smart play on words. Brand name is an image, trust and a set of expectations all associated with the brand. Most of us are always in favour of some specific…


swagger :- verb: to walk with a swinging movement that shows that you are confident or proud of yourself – SWAGGER noun: sing swerve :- verb: to change direction suddenly. Ex: The car swerved to avoid the child. grandiose :- adj: bigger or…

Oil Bath Tips

Do not ever take oil bath in cold water. Avoid sleeping in day time on the day you had oil bath. Avoid gastric oriented foodstuffs. Pumpkin, Brinjal, Clusterbeans, Bottleguard, Snakeguard, Bitterguard, Spinach varieties, Horsegram and Vall beans…

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